GEAR Premium® 140mm Diffuser Downstem


The GEAR Premium® Diffuser Downstem delivers unparalleled performance with built-in diffuser slits to filter out unwanted debris and evenly disperse smoke throughout your water pipe. Featuring a 24K gold GEAR Premium® decal with an easy-to-remove ground joint design.


• 100% borosilicate glass
• Joint size: 19mm
• Ground joint
• Fits 14mm pull-out
• Length: 140mm
• Flush mount design
• Diffuser slits for added filtration
• 24K gold decal


Compatible With:

GEAR Premium® Sidekick 12" 7mm Beaker Tube
GEAR Premium® Sidekick 15" 7mm Beaker Tube
GEAR Premium® Sidekick 18" 7mm Beaker Tube